Winter Foot Care

By Dr. Helene T. Nguyen

During winter time or when weather turning cold, most of us want to hide our feet in boots or those comfy warm fuzzy slippers.  Just because our feet are in boot-season, that doesn’t mean we should let them go.  As a matter of fact, when the temperature drops, it can be harsh on our feet before we know it.  Our feet and skin tend to get dryer during winter times due to the temperature fluctuation from hot and cold.  Therefore it is more of reason to give our feet just as much as TLC as summer times.

Here are 10 treatment tips for healthy winter feet:

  1. Cold Feet – occasional warm foot soak with lavender oil will help to restore the heat from stimulate blood perfusion to your feet and toes
  2. Dry Feet – using foot lotion or cream at least once a day before bed time to keep moisture as well as exfoliate superficial dead skin on legs and feet area
  3. Polished Toe Nails – it’s recommended to remove nail polish to give your toenails a breather.  It will also eliminate the breeding ground that bacteria and fungus to grow underneath the toenails
  4. Yellow Toe Nails – very common problem for individual use nail polish as routine.  Using bleaching cream, which available at most of podiatric physician office for 7 days to remove the nail polish stain and gain back the healthy looking white pearly toenails.
  5. Damage Toe Nails – there are several products in the market that help to treat damage nails with tea tree oil base that would help promote and restore healthy nails.
  6. Debris Under Nails – those were collection of dead skin, sock lint, and other small dust from everyday life.  Using soft toothbrush with antifungal soap to scrub off those debris in corner or underneath of toenails.
  7. Athlete’s Foot – itchy, scaly and red lesions on bottom of feet and between toes are the common sign of fungal infection of skin on the feet.  Frequent change of socks, using antifungal foot spray, and drying agent to prevent this problem.
  8. Smelly Boot-Feet – although boots are the most warm and comfortable footwear during those cold days, it also keep moisture with the boots.  At Feet ‘N Beyond we recommend to utilize the latest technology now available to us, SteriShoe Sterilizers.  This will eliminate the fungal and bacterial growth inside our shoes and boots and deodorize these footwears.
  9. Bruise Toes – proper footwear fitting is the most important even during the winter times.  Make sure your toes are moving freely when you stand up and walk around before the wear them for the whole day.  Any bruising or ingrown sensation on toenails indicative for tight footwear.
  10. Foot Pain – last but not least supportive footwear is essential to prevent foot pain at the first place.  There are several types of insoles that would be appropriate for any of footwear, from winter boots to high heels.  Check with your podiatrist for the options.

At Feet ‘N Beyond, we are experts in treating any of foot and ankle ailments.  We have variety of recommended foot care products at our Hackettstown office.  Contact us for any question or visit us online

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