Free Foot Exam

Free Foot Exam

back to school foot exam

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Parents and teachers: Schedule a Free Foot Exam at Feet ‘N Beyond of New Jersey to prepare your kids for the back-to-school season. Once again, from August 20th-August 30th, Feet ‘N Beyond is offering a Free Foot Exam.  Call us at 908-576-0880 to schedule a 15-minute, face-to-face meeting with one of our doctors.  

Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s feet? Don’t waste your time with Google® search! Ask the experts. Our doctors answer all your questions while they thoroughly examine your child’s feet, beginning with an assessment of gait (how your child walks) to look for any signs of pain or limping. 

 Next we examine the position and angle of the feet to see if they are rotated inward or outward and we test the range of motion of toes and ankles. Our doctors observe for common or unique foot conditions. We check for any discoloration, redness, hypersensitivity or warmth that may indicate an injury or sprain. We assess mobility, examining the bones, tendons, joints and ligaments of the feet, including neuro-motor responses.

 While you are shopping for new clothes and school supplies, take advantage of our Free Foot Exam offer to make sure your child gets a head start this school year with healthy feet!

This offer is for New Patients ONLY and there will be NO treatment rendered at the time of your visit.  

To learn more about this offer, contact our office.
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