Pregnancy and Foot Pain

Pregnancy and Foot Pain

Pregnancy triggers several changes in woman’s body due to hormonal surges.  The natural weight gain during this period can create foot discomfort.   Pregnancy and entering motherhood should be a joy and exciting moment.   Because of this, it is important for not to ignore and prevent any foot pain during these nine months.

The two most common foot complaints during pregnancy are foot pain and ingrown toenails. 

Foot Pain – the excess of fluid buildup will cause feet to swell, increase for weight would create more pressure on feet, and the flattening of arches will make the joint fatigue or overpronation.  To remedy these foot discomforts – stretch legs and feet as well as keep them up as often as possible.  Drink plenty fluid to prevent fluid retention.  Wear wide and supportive shoes to accommodate with change in foot size.

Ingrown Toenails – due to the swollen feet would create tight snugged in footwear.   During the pregnancy, it is not unusual that feet change in sizes.   Due to the release of relaxin hormone, the ligaments in feet become more flexible and causing the feet to stretch wider and longer up to half a size.  To prevent ingrown toenail infection – do not attempt to treat at home or nail salon.  It is highly recommended to seek professional help to get appropriate treatment.

All mothers-to-be are encouraged to be as active as possible to prepare for easier birthing moment ahead.   Exercise regularly to promote overall health.  Drinking plenty of water to keep the body hydrate.  Eat a well-balanced diet to avoid water retention.

If you have any problem with caring for your feet during this important event, feel free to contact our Feet ‘N Beyond office 908-576-0880 to request an appointment with one of our podiatric physicians.  We are here to help!


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