Pediatric Podiatrists provide best care for children’s feet.

Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Zhu also specialize in treating Kids and Children’s feet in Morris, Sussex and Warren counties area.  From simple plantar warts to heel pain aka Sever’s Disease to flat feet and other foot conditions and problems, they are here to help.

Our podiatric physicians understand the complexities associated with infant or children’s foot, they do not only offer different options to treat, prevent these foot ailments for children they also help the parents or caregiver to understand completely during the office visits.  Because the care of children’s foot can be very different from foot care in adults, our office offers a complimentary evaluation for children of three years of age or younger.  This evaluation will be done with our pediatric podiatrists to listen and answer all your questions or concerns about your child foot conditions.  Any problem with a child’s feet that you as parents might have a gut feeling of something isn’t right would need to be evaluated by the professional.  If left unchecked, pain, other issues can lead to other problems and compromised your child activities.

There is no such thing as foot pain is normal.  Please contact our office 908-576-0880 or request an appointment with us today!